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LINE PROJECT is a team of professionals, which renders various services to the owners of boats, launches, both motor yachts and sail yachts in Montenegro on the coast of Adriatic Sea and Skadar’s lake.The company is officially registered in the Montenegro, it has checking account and can work with both legal entities and private persons.


The main criteria, which lead us in our work:

-  honesty and integrity

-  quality and professionalism

-  efective organisation of ongoing work

-  aim for the result, that client needs

-  safety


We don’t inflate our team staff, thus we don’t need to lay enormous permanent overheads in the price of our services.

We don’t take on work if we can’t guarantee the needed result.But knowing everyone, who can be trusted with completing different kinds of work in Montenegro, we can give some recommendations and, if needed, provide «client’s agency»

We are responsible for each work, that we are completing. If we engage with third party contractors for our work, then we are responsible for the results of their work.

We are seeking to compete work, that our clients need, with maximum quality and fully.Each and every one of our specialists is a professional in his field of work.


You can contact us in every way listed below:

-     Via phone                                +38269562814

-     Via Whatsapp/Viber            +79602449977

-     Via email on             info@line-project.com 


We are always ready to answer any of your questions - consultation is always free of charge.


P.S. Also we are a litle bit of perfectionists :)